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Marylí Morett Release New Music “Tu Veneno”

JN MUSIC the label belonging to JN MUSIC GROUP releases the second musical single entitled “Tu Veneno” by its exclusive artist Marylí Morett.

After the successful launch of “Me Voy Con Him”, which exceeded 5 million views on YouTube and more than half a million streams on Spotify, Marylí presents this song accompanied by a music video available today on her official channel. Youtube.

“Tu Veneno” is a composition by Maryli Morett herself, which talks about those feelings that arise in a love relationship that lead you to fall in love and therefore to fall into the “symptoms of love.”

“YOU ARE MY TRAP, YOUR POISON KILLS ME, THE HONEY OF YOUR KISSES AND YOUR SMELL” says the song that featured the musical production of the Colombian singer-songwriter and producer Mateo “Nich” Arenas.

The song is featured alongside a music video directed by experienced Spanish filmmaker Fini Mazza and shot in Miami Bay.

“We are sure that with this song the public will know even more the vocal quality of Marylí since she is an artist with a very versatile voice capacity” explained Juan Hidalgo, president of JN Music Group who has worked with Nelson Estévez and Humberto Carrera as executive producers of the entire project.

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