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Multiplica Mixtape is a trap movement featuring artists from all over the world. a concept of family, sister/brotherhood, unity, and prosperity with a common goal of supporting each other to reach their dreams.

Multiplica Mixtape es un movimiento de trap global. Un concepto de familia, hermandad, unidad, y prosperidad con la meta de compartir y unirse para crear música global

“Multiplica” is a multidimensional urban music project that brings together more than 20 artists and producers from 8 different countries, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico, Spain and Venezuela. The production showcases the talent and great hits that came out of the camp. The project focuses on the genres of Trap and Drill and is fairly defined, musically and visually. It is also a concept of family, brotherhood, unity, prosperity, sharing and lots of talent. The tracks will be released from the mixtape, “Multiplica,” which was created in a song camp WML did in DR in June 2021.

“Multiplica”, que se creó en un campamento de composicion que WML hizo en la República Dominicana en junio de 2021 y es un proyecto multidimensional de música urbana que reúne a más de 20 artistas y productores de 8 países distintos, Brasil, Colombia, Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Holanda, Puerto Rico, España y Venezuela. El proyecto se enfoca en los géneros de Trap y Drill y tiene una identidad musical y audiovisual.

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