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This past week, the world’s first bilingual, Latin, all-girl group BELLA DOSE released their new music video “Si Me Llamas.”

“Si Me Llamas,” is a trappy bachata that talks about drawing the line and cutting off your ex.

“‘Si Me Llamas’ was based off of a very personal experience where your ex has a new girlfriend but still wants to text and call you,” BELLA DOSE said. “When we heard the beat that our producer played for us, we instantly fell in love with it. we were thinking of a concept and we all knew it had to be something empowering and relatable. We started creating melodies, writing and it just all flowed so perfectly. Our favorite way to listen to ‘Si Me Llamas’ is by blasting it in the car with the windows down. We feel like the lyrics of this song are so powerful and screaming the words while it’s playing gives you  such a release and makes you feel so incredibly confident!”

The music video, directed by Movie Warriors, shows the group in a black studio setting with colorful outfits that really represent each one of their personalities. All the ladies are seen with different phones from different eras, signifying that it doesn’t matter the time, it’s never OK to hit up your ex when you have another partner.

BELLA DOSE also made it a point to show off their dancing abilities in the music video, nailing a fun — yet challenging — choreography by Julian Turner, proving yet again that they’re the whole package.

This track comes out of BELLA DOSE’s first EP, Suelta, released a month ago to critical acclaim. The EP is a great representation of the versatility of BELLA DOSE, who tackled different Latin genres and sounds from reggaetón, to bachata, to dembow, to highlight their musical and vocal talent.

BELLA DOSE is ready to take on the world with their charisma, versatility, chemistry, and passion for the art of music. Brianna, Jenni, Thais, and Melany gained much traction from their masterful covers of the most popular songs, especially their most viewed rendition of Nicky Jam and Ozuna’s “Te Robaré” (almost 5 million views on YouTube). They have been working diligently and building their own original music repertoire of English and Spanish songs that they write themselves.

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