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JN Music Group presents the New Karlin Castillo

JN Music Group is pleased to present the first single entitled “La Lloré En El Rio” Feat. Dorito from their album that will bear the title of “Apartaos” produced by the great master Remy Núñez, a musical cut that reflects their culture by fusing rhythms traditional Apambichao merengue, combined with funk, rock, palo, vallenato and flamenco among others, in a style called tropical world music.

“The music video is really a short film, which tells a story based on the search to heal the curse and all the damage that this forbidden love has caused in which I madly and passionately entangled until I completely lost my mind. The outcome is like breaking the spell that was only the last step to its downfall “, the Artist comments.

This visual was filmed in the Dominican Republic in the bateyes of La Romana and in the sugar mills where the Haitian community lives, with the aim of combining the two cultures that coexist on the same island.

Remy Nuñez, as his music producer and writer, comments on this great artist “I saw in Karlin Castillo the portal to be able to rescue our native music such as merengue and the roots of the palo and the gaga, merging its essence where he comes from, which is the rock with funk, taking as reference James Brown, Michael Jackson in the rhythm of brass and guitars and in order to achieve this I had to incorporate experienced musicians in the field such as Joel Ramirez on percussion and José Fleter on Trombone, both musicians by Juan Luis Guerra and Abel González, one of the best bassist and guitarist in the country.

Karlin Castillo, a Dominican artist based in the city of Miami, began in music at the age of 13, forming musical groups through the schools he attended in his native country, to later become part of various bands upon arrival in the city. from New York.

Upon discovering his talent in composition and mastery of the guitar along with the piano, he decided to perform his own songs and formed his first Pop-Rock band MaderaMetal.

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