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The Latin GRAMMY® Winning Vocalist NELLA Releases DOCE MARGARITAS

The Latin GRAMMY®-winning artist, singer, and rising star Nella today unveils Doce Margaritas , her highly anticipated first album with Sony Music Latin.

Today also marks the release of the music video for focus track “Ahí,” directed by Ruben Martín (Kany García, Pedro Capó). Featuring subtle nuances of urban-pop, this song about transcendence is a perfect introduction to this diverse album, whose title also refers to her birthplace of Isla Margarita, Venezuela.

Nella emphasizes that these songs are very personal: “For me, singing from my soul is only possible when I tell stories that I connect with immensely. The 12 daisies that I offer to you today represent my roots, my influences, and the sound that has brought me here. They are 12 pearls that my dear Javier chose for me, and together we have polished them while taking care with every note, every harmony and every word.”

Albums like Doce Margaritas take us back to the classic productions of the golden age of LPs. It offers one creative vision featuring a gifted interpreter and an inspired composer creating songs that always sound different from each other but work towards a coherent whole. It is the kind of album that deserves repeated listenings from beginning to end. It pulls you in even if you’re overhearing it from another room.

Real people play the instruments, which emphasize piano, strings, and contrabass; the vocals are unprocessed.

Listening to Doce Margaritas makes us realize once again how deeply a good record can make us feel. Among the themes that this album explores are independence, desolation, and finding our own way in life.

Javier Limón notes that Nella is at the peak of her powers: “On this record, Nella has found a new way of singing, staying true to her roots while opening her sound to the world, picking the petals from her daisies word by word in each song. No one could interpret the compositions that I have proudly written for her on this production like she could.”

Javier Limón, who also produced the majority of the tracks, writes all of the songs on Doce Margaritas. Also involved with recording is the Latin GRAMMY®-winning Venezuelan guitarist Cheo Pardo of Los Crema Paraíso.

Nella has become one of the most critically acclaimed young artists in the world with her ethereal voice, along with her beguiling mix of pop, jazz, tropical clave rhythms, and Spanish flamenco.

Nella herself performs all of the lead and backing vocals on this album, except for “Volaré,” her duet with PedroCapó. “Volaré” is sure to become an anthem between lovers with its poetic lyrics as well as the perfect interplay between Nella and Pedro’s voices: “Si mi voz vuela en la mar, volará juntos a los barcos, que salen a navegar. Si mi voz vuela en el árbol, volará junto a las hojas, si mi voz vuela en tus labios, volará junto a mi boca.”

Nella sings a savvy commentary about modern music on “Como La Marea,” which features the cuatro guitar of her native Venezuela. “Miro la música que ahora se mira, sólo escuchar las canciones ya no se estila, Miro a los que miran y nunca ven nada, ciegos viven ciegos en su cuentecito de hadas.”

The songs have unexpected musical twists and turns. First single “Solita,” released in January, gives Nella space to revel in the passion of her own voice, as well as the sacred power of using it during a moment of solitude. “Como la luna, ahí arribita, yo vivo feliz cantando solita.”

Showing that an artist with a vocal gift and sincerely personal material can transcend genres and trends, Nella is Latin music’s most intriguing emerging artist. Doce Margaritas  is a treasure that will solidify Nella’s place among the great vocalists of the 2020s.

Doce Margaritas Tracklisting:

1. Solita (On My Own)

2. Pa’ Afuera (Out)

3. Nada (Nothing)

4. De Vez en Cuando (Now and Then)

5. Ahí (There)

6. Son de los Sueños (A Son About the Dreams)

7. Volaré (I Will Fly)

8. Como la Marea (Like the Tide)

9. Dímelo Bajito (Tell It To Me Softly)

10. Ya No Queda Na (Nothing Remains)

11. Otro Beso (Another Kiss)

12. A Mi Me Gustaría Perdonar (I Would Like to Forgive)

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