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The Panther of the Urban Genre, Jossef sends a “Subliminal” message

Consistency, discipline, and musical versatility are just a few of the strengths that define rising urban genre newcomer, Jossef, who began to make his mark on the scene just a few years ago. Like a panther, the young artist has demonstrated his strength through multiple releases which have and cemented what he’s capable of contributing to the music industry. Today, the artist sends a “Subliminal” message to all his fans with this new song. Released under Jr. Records, the song is now available on all digital music platforms.

After delivering a clear and concise message of social consciousness to youth with his previous single “Sexo Casual”, Jossef releases today “Subliminal”, a track that features reggaeton beats and sends a message that audiences should listen to. Produced by Los Harmónicos and Charlie Night City, the video is set in a nightclub where Jossef, a known artist, meets a woman with whom he has an unforgettable night with. However, she did not imagine that he is a recording artist and together they live the moment, while sending each other multiple subliminal messages. “She motivates herself quickly, she had never been with an artist, I know …”, reveals part of the lyrics of the song.

The rising Latino urban artist, has amassed 62 million combined streams on digital platforms and kicked off 2021 with the release of “Persia Remix” with rising artists Eix and Jamby “El Favo”. The video has surpassed 2.3 million views on YouTube. Most recently, Jossef released “Sexo Casual”, a track recorded with the purpose of bringing attention to the importance of young people protecting themselves when engaging in sex. Jossef is currently preparing for the release of his debut album. Stay tuned!

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